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Manama Souq comes alive as residents prepare for Gergaoon festival

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Reported by Zahra Ayaz  

Bahrain residents are currently flocking to the lively Manama Souq, a bustling marketplace, as they prepare for the upcoming Gergaoon festival.

The streets are illuminated, and the sales of traditional items have skyrocketed, creating a lively and festive atmosphere. While the festival might be unfamiliar to non-residents, Gergaoon holds great significance in the Eastern Arabian region and takes place on the 14th night of Ramadan.

It is celebrated in several countries, including Kuwait, Iraq, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia. During Gergaoon, children play a central role by donning traditional attire and embarking on a door-to-door singing and gift-collecting journey.

They sing traditional songs and collect sweets and nuts from their neighbors. In the past, they were presented with dates, rice, wheat, and sugar. However, these days, candies and nuts have become the preferred treats. In Bahrain, girls wear beautifully embroidered jalabiyas and adorn themselves with gold jewellery, while boys proudly sport traditional Bahraini thobes, jackets, and caps.

“Gergaoon is a cherished tradition that brings our community together and fills our hearts with joy,” expresses Fatima Saleh, a local resident. She describes the atmosphere in Manama Souq during this time as “truly magical.”

Cultural heritage

Hana Ali, a Bahraini mother, explains that the festival is a beautiful way to preserve their cultural heritage and pass it down to the younger generations. She finds it priceless to see the excitement in her children’s eyes as they dress up and receive treats from their neighbours during the festivities.

The Daily Tribune reached out to speak with Mohammad Danish Haneef, a local businessman and the Managing Director of Danesh Food Stuff, who shed light on the high demand for specific items during Gergaoon. He mentioned that traditional mats called “Sufra,” which can be used for eating or decorating walls, are particularly sought after, with prices ranging from BD3 to BD5.

“Fraser,” decorative horses made of cotton, are popular among children for dancing and hopping during the festivities, costing between BD4 and BD6. Mohammad also highlighted the sale of drums made from leather, priced at BD3, which children use for traditional music and dancing.


Packets of chocolates and nuts, costing around BD1.5, are eagerly purchased by Bahraini mothers to treat their children. Handmade and decorated dolls, priced at BD20, representing cultural figures, are also in demand during this festive season.

During Gergaoon, it is customary for children to dress in traditional attire and visit the homes of friends and family, eagerly anticipating the night’s sweet offerings. Some youngsters even take to the streets of Manama and Muharraq, playing lively music and dancing to celebrate the occasion.

As the Gergaoon festival approaches, the atmosphere in Manama Souq is filled with excitement and joy, reflecting the rich cultural heritage of Bahrain.


The event is packed with enthusiastic customers


Traditional horses