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Young Bahrain Paints Bright

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Reported by Zainab Zaman

A vibrant celebration of young artistic talent unfolded at the Passion Art Gallery yesterday, marking the first-ever competition for students from various private schools across Bahrain.

Held under the patronage of MP Dr. Jihad Abdullah Al Fadhel, the event brought together finalists from Bahrain Bayan School, the British School of Bahrain, Beacon Private School, and several others, showcasing their diverse artistic expressions.

The competition, judged by both the Passion Art Gallery team and family members, offered a unique perspective to the young artists, allowing them to see their work through a different lens than that of their teachers.

From grade one to seniors, the participants poured their emotions onto canvases, primarily through acrylic paintings. Co-founder of the gallery, Bayan AlQassab, expressed her desire to highlight these budding talents and inspire them to pursue art as a career. “Art is life to me,” she declared, “and these students possess remarkable talent at such a young age. I hope this exhibition guides them towards building a career in art.”

Along with Bayan, her sister Mariam AlQassab also plays an active role at the gallery. Thoraya Amin, a Visual Arts teacher at Beacon Private School, echoed Bayan’s sentiment. “Art can be found in so many forms,” she stated, “and it’s my passion to help children explore its vast potential. From advertisements to fashion, art offers endless avenues for creative expression.”

The competition, she added, provided a platform for her students to connect with society and showcase their unique perspectives. The exhibition at Passion Art Gallery served as a beautiful reflection of the innate creativity and talent within young children, their works brimming with cheerful yet meaningful expressions.


Dr. Jihad, left, Bayan AlQassab and Mariam AlQassab pose with the winner from Bahrain Bayan School, Khalid Al Derazi, at the middle.


Hassan from Britus School poses with his art work


Miss Thoraya, right, poses with her student during the art exhibition.


Zain poses next to her art work