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Bahrain ‘united against Qatar’s ‘conspiracy targeting Kingdom’

The Representatives’ Council Office authority yesterday stressed that Bahrain stands united against all terrorist practices carried out by the Qatari regime. It affirmed that the unity of the Bahraini people, under the leadership of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, would remain one of the national fundamentals. The authority affirmed that Bahrain’s security and stability is a red line that can never be compromised.

It also underlined unity of the Bahraini people and leadership against terrorism and sedition, pointing out that the Bahraini people can never be mistaken by false reports prepared by a satellite channel that is used to sowing sedition and dedicated to undermine the Kingdom’s interests and incite differences, sedition and fallacies. The authority made the comments during a meeting yesterday, which was chaired by Representatives Council Speaker Fawzia Zainal.

It was attended by First Deputy Speaker Abdulnabi Salman, Second Deputy Speaker Ali Zayed, Head of the Legislative and Legal Affairs Committee Dr Hesham Al Ashiri, Head of the Foreign Affairs, Defence and National Security Committee Mohammed Al Sisi, Head of the Public Utilities and Environment Committee Abdulrazaq Hatab, Representatives Council Speaker Secretary General Chancellor Rashid Mohammed Bunejma and Head of the Legal Advisors Panel Dr Saleh Ibrahim Al Ghathith.

The authority underscored the need for the GCC member states to take stances to protect cohesion and strength of the GCC system against all plots. It also reviewed letters from the government and decided to include them in the council’s agenda in the next session. Tribune yesterday reported a statement criticising the Al Jazeera documentary titled “What is hidden is more immense?”

“The move is the latest episode of its series of conspiracies against the Kingdom within its attempt to undermine the Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) and stir up strife among its members.” The BDF spokes person stressed that Al Jazeera approach incites hatred and proves to the world that Qatar embraces terrorists and finances them to distort the Kingdom of Bahrain’s image in an attempt to destabilise Bahrain’s civil peace and sow sedition amongst the GCC states.

“Qatar’s destructive tool will continue to target Bahrain, but the Kingdom will remain a strong, serene and secure Arab country ruled by the noble Al Khalifa family and in which the people have full allegiance to their leadership.” The BDF will remain the mighty, invincible shield of the beloved Kingdom under the wise leadership of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa the Supreme Commander, the spokesperson added.

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