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Higher wages and job security for Bahrainis

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MP Maryam AlSayegh is stepping up to tackle some of Bahrain’s most pressing economic issues — low wages and high unemployment — with a bold new legislative proposal.

Aimed squarely at the private sector, this initiative seeks to hit several key targets. Foremost among these is the establishment of a minimum wage threshold for Bahraini workers.

Under this proposal, any Bahraini employee earning less than BD600 per month shall not be included in the mandatory Bahrainisation quotas imposed upon private enterprises.

This provision ensures that Bahraini citizens are afforded a standard of living commensurate with the escalating cost of living.

Secondly, the proposal aims to increase the overall percentage of Bahrainis employed in the private sector.

By incentivising the hiring of Bahrainis at higher salaries, companies will be encouraged to take on local talent, addressing the current reliance on a large number of foreign workers.

Thirdly, the proposal includes measures to prevent the misuse of wage subsidies provided by the Tamkeen Labour Fund.

Some companies have been accused of exploiting the system by laying off Bahraini workers after the subsidies expire.


The new law would require companies benefiting from Tamkeen support to repay the subsidies if they terminate Bahraini employees without just cause, thus protecting Bahraini workers from exploitation.

Fourthly, the proposal includes legal protections to prevent Bahraini workers from being unfairly targeted and laid off.

This will ensure greater job security and stability for Bahraini citizens in the private sector.

Fifthly, the proposal aims to reduce unemployment by creating a more balanced labour market.

Instead of companies seeking work permits for foreign workers, they will be encouraged to hire qualified Bahrainis at competitive salaries, leading to a decrease in unemployment among Bahraini citizens.

Finally, to ensure compliance with the proposed Bahrainisation quotas, the proposal includes provisions for withdrawing licences from institutions that fail to meet the required percentages.

This will create a stronger incentive for companies to actively recruit and retain Bahraini talent.

Employment landscape

Already adopted with success in some GCC countries, this proposed law could dramatically reshape the employment landscape in Bahrain.

MP AlSayegh’s initiative is attracting considerable attention and is currently under review by the relevant authorities.

Its potential to tackle these critical economic issues head-on makes it a development worth following closely.


MP Maryam AlSayegh