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Southern Municipality Motivate people to observe cleanliness in public places

TDT | Manama

The Daily Tribune –

The Municipality of the Southern Region has recently launched a campaign to distribute leaflets to citizens and residents, aimed at maintaining public hygiene and correcting behaviour in disposing of waste.

The project was held in cooperation with the Southern Governorate, Southern Region Security Directorate and Urbasire Cleaning Company.

People were given leaflets to educate them on important things they should observe while visiting public places, such as properly getting rid of barbecue sticks, disposing of embers and ashes, collecting waste, placing them into garbage bags and throwing them in the nearest container.

The municipality has recently placed more than 30 containers in open spaces where people can throw their waste.

It also highlighted the importance of preserving wildlife, weeds and trees, and not using trees to install swings and not cutting down tree branches to start a fire.

The municipality pays great attention to effective communication with the public through a community partnership with environmental associations, individuals and the private sector.

It is part of their initiatives to implement clean-up campaigns and intensify work closely by providing machinery, equipment and workers in all regions, in line with the provisions of the Public Hygiene Law No. (10) of 2019. To preserve the cultural and aesthetic beauty of the regions, including the open wild spaces in which people abound for recreation and spending time with their families, the municipality stressed the need to educate them about commitment, discipline and cooperation.

The municipality calls for the cooperation of citizens and residents to help reduce the volume of waste for a healthy and beautiful environment for all.