Attempt to smuggle guns, liquor foiled
, Posted on 13-Aug-2017

Attempt to smuggle  guns, liquor foiled

ManamaThe Saudi authorities foiled an attempt to smuggle firearms, ammunition and liquor from Bahrain recently.

Saudi press reported yesterday that the items were confiscated by the Saudi side of King Fahad Causeway Customs.

Quoting King Fahad Causeway General Director Sulaiman Al Bulaiheed, the reports mentioned that the smugglers attempted to smuggle the items using private vehicles. The confiscated items were guns, bullets and liquor.

“A gun and 15 bullets were detected in the first vehicle. They were wrapped with a cloth and professionally hidden underneath the driver’s seat. In the second vehicle, another gun and six bullets were hidden using same method followed by the first smuggler,” Al Bulaiheed said in a statement quoted by Saudi newspapers yesterday.

He also announced that more than 55 bottles of liquor were detected in two other vehicles in separate incidents. The official explained that the bottles were stashed in the petrol tanks of both vehicles.

The Saudi Customs on King Fahad Causeway periodically announce foiling attempts to smuggle prohibited items into Saudi Arabia from Bahrain through the causeway.

The most common smuggled items are usually alcoholic beverages, drugs, weapons and sometimes humans.

Vehicles crossing the causeway are only checked on one side to save travellers’ time, as announced by the customs of both kingdoms. Cars coming from Saudi are only inspected on the Bahraini side of the causeway and vice versa.

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