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More than 400 immersion heaters confiscated

TDT | Manama

The Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism has confiscated more than 420 poorly manufactured immersion heaters from local markets in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The ministry’s Inspection and Measurement Department announced yesterday that it had conducted an inspection campaign in a number of establishments in all governorates, and more than 400 devices of this product were seized.

Department director Ali Shabar Jawad said that his office has confiscated these immersion heaters following its continuous follow-up and study of these industrial products circulating in the local markets, and after complaints received by users of these devices.

These poorly manufactured products pose a risk to the safety of those who purchase them as it exposes the user to burns and electric shocks, given that the electrodes of the products are prominent or unprotected. These can also result in fires and damaged property.

The director indicated that tests carried out on the heating devices proved their non-conformity with the general safety requirements mentioned in relevant ministerial decisions. They confirm the necessity of electrical fuses in each device to ensure the separation of current in the event of a malfunction.

The electrical wires and live poles of the product must also be properly insulated and difficult to access. Jawad emphasised that the immersion heaters were withdrawn from 12% of the total number of stores covered in the inspection campaign.

The director also noted that the administration continues to implement field surveys to study industrial products traded in the local markets, as well as inspection campaigns to ensure the application of laws and regulations that contribute to the protection, safety and security of individuals and society as a whole.