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AGU voluntary team spreads hope in Sri Lanka

A voluntary team from the Arabian Gulf University (AGU) recently returned from a trip to Sri Lanka, where the team members joined hands with volunteers from different countries in the region to help the less fortunate in remote areas there.   The team is known by the name “A Cloud of Hope” and consists of 34 graduates from the College of Medicine and Medical Science in the university, in addition to volunteers from Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Egypt and Syria.

During their journey, team members extended a helping hand to the needy and diseased persons there, providing them with medical care and health services in public hospitals. The trip was organised in co-operation with local charity and voluntary organisations in Sri Lanka. It also included visits to elderly care homes, public schools, places of worship and villages. On the occasion, Yousif Al Tandeel, Founder of the team, commented: “Team members provided a variety of medical and health services to over 1,000 people there, including children, adults and elderly citizens.

“We have also distributed fully equipped school bags among needy students and orphanages. Needy families were also provided with basic aids, especially orphans and the elderly.” Mr Al Tandeel expressed his delight to successfully conduct the humanitarian journey, highlighting that team members showed a spirit of generosity and goodwill, and cooperated among themselves to provide humanitarian support to the needy.

The volunteers also held basic first aid courses and health guidance in both schools and temples, and contributed to the painting and renovation of some school facilities and provided them with chairs, coolers and other facilities. “A Cloud of Hope” had organised similar trips to India, Tanzania and other countries, where they spread knowledge and awareness among less fortunate people, in addition to other needs and commodities. The team’s activities also include visiting public hospitals and health centres here, where they pay periodic visits to cancer patients, especially children, to encourage them and support in their battle with the disease.