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Dilmuni couple’s unique travel connects people


The Dilmuni couple, who hit the headlines with their walking adventure in the Kingdom last February, have begun the work of publishing their adventure through their website, dilmunicouple.com.

Last February, Hussain Al Mosawi and Mariam Alarab walked for five days in Bahrain, camping every night in different locations. Thus, they explored their own country, without the use of any mode of transport.

Later, they also began taking people on local tours around Bahrain. As an extended step of their walking mission, a few days ago, they began publishing their travel experiences on their website.

Their website not only contains their unique travel experiences, but also picturesque photos, which are worth thousands of words. Moreover, the photos showcase the nature’s hidden treasures in Bahrain. 

Their travel experience narrates about the streets of Riffa, pathetic condition of mangrove forest near Sanad and many more interesting things.

On the purpose of posting their travel experience on website, they said, “We are pointing to a lot of places and social aspects of Bahrain. We hope this is will give anyone an extra motivation to explore Bahrain.”

It took almost five months for them to post their experiences on their website. But they said that they had already documented their journey through writing, photos and videos.

“We are just putting everything together now and publishing it,” the adventurous couple said. 
Many people have been encouraging them with different messages from the beginning of their journey in Bahrain.

“Most of our followers are mainly on social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Since day one of the journey, we were updating the social media. The interaction was beyond our expectations and we received a lot of positive support,” the couple said. 

Interestingly, they have even been invited by different restaurants through Instagram. The couple has received hundreds of messages like "What a great idea it was,” " Great going!!" etc. from their well-wishers. 
The couple is also planning to bring out a book on their travel experience. “We hope one day we will publish a book about our different travel stories and experiences.”

Meanwhile, the Dilmuni couple is traveling around Middle East, exploring unbeaten paths.

Dilmuni couple

Dilmun is a civilisation that lasted from 3200 to 330 BC in Bahrain. Dilmun had been described as the land of eternity and the land that the sun rises from. Hussain and Mariam like to be related to Dilmun. Therefore, they called themselves as Dilmuni couple.

 Five local spots to visit in Bahrain


1. Emmawash Traditional Restaurant, Muqaba: 
Their favourite place for an early traditional Bahraini breakfast. The customers have the option to have their breakfast on a dinning table or sitting on the floor.

2. Jidhafs Market: Here one can find fresh vegetables, fish, shrimps, dates and many other things like birds.

3. Bani Jamrah Textile Factory
: The last and only authentic textile weaving factory left in Bahrain. One can learn about fading handicraft here.

4. Al Nakheel Highway: 
According to the couple, this road connects number of villages on the northern west coast of Bahrain. It’s also a very good road for walking and cycling all the way to Bahrain fort.

5. Al Malkiyah Beach: Hussain and Mariam claim that it is Bahrain’s most popular beach. During weekends it is very crowded. Fishermen have their own gathering place setting close to their boats.