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Don’t let the mask slip

It is now six months since the dreaded pandemic came to our beloved Bahrain in full force and although we have weathered it reasonably, with full precaution and the implementation of the three Ts – Testing, Tracing, Treatment – it has undoubtedly taken a toll on us all.

September is usually a time in Bahrain when the weather turns milder and homes are buzzing with the excitement of children going back to school. This year, preparations are subdued and shadowed by anxiety for parents preparing to send children back to limited school schedules.

Children are worried about not being with friends because of staggered classes and limited numbers per class and this is manifesting itself in tantrums and poor behavior. Teachers are working very hard to recast lessons into shorter formats and online templates and learning how to handle technology – I laughed when I heard that one naughty class actually locked out the teacher and made one of the students the admin for the class, but this can be traumatic for the teacher who faces the loss of respect and authority and disruption.

Instead of Back to school, many stores are advertising Home Schooling specials and boosting digital sales. We are also looking at ‘Back to Restaurants’ later this month and people want to explore eating out once again. It gives us all the illusion that we have beaten this pandemic and are winning back our old lifestyle.

But let us continue to be careful. What we are doing is responding to our social and economic needs – not to health needs. The pandemic has not gone away and the vaccine to conquer it is still just a smudge on the horizon.

I would urge everybody to hold on to the feeling of fear that they felt in March when this concern started - fear can be a motivator to make you behave with caution and wisdom and it will save lives. Keep the mask on, stay that one meter away, and avoid crowds. The enemy is still at the door and we should not open the gates by mistake and undo the care we have taken till now

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