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28 Filipinos complete dressmaking training program, honoured in ceremony

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An atmosphere of excitement and cheers reverberated the hall of Arman Hotel echoing the collective pride and joy of Filipinos during the graduation ceremony of dressmaking training held on 17 May.

About 28 graduates attended the six-Friday skills training on dressmaking sponsored by the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) and Philippine Embassy in cooperation with Pinay Ikaw Na (PIN). Dinah Sta. Ana, president of Pinay Ikaw Na, expressed her gratitude to Philippine Embassy, OWWA and Migrant Workers Office (MWO) for making the project possible for OFWs.

“We are celebrating your success for the incredible things you have accomplished, you have not only acquired the technical skills necessary to excel in dressmaking but have also developed valuable abilities such as communication skills, team work and camaraderie as a group and as individual working in a foreign land,’’ Dinah said.

Dedication and passion

In his inspirational message, Dr. Amelito S. Adel, OWWA Welfare Officer, was impressed with the dazzling array of outfits and swirl of colours of Filipiniana inspired gown creations of the graduates showcasing the culmination of their dedication and passion.

He also complimented the participants’ effort for seeking opportunities beyond traditional roles as housemaid to explore a new path highlighting their efforts on diversifying career options and aspiration.

Under the guidance of skilled mentor, Epifania Puyoc and seven assistant teachers who were also graduates of previous dressmaking classes patiently assisted the enrolees in honing their skills in pattern making, cutting, textile manipulation and designing.