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Bahrain committed to global diplomacy

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A Bahraini parliamentary delegation emphasised the Kingdom’s conviction in the power of collaboration to address shared challenges and achieve common objectives during its participation in the Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly in Braga, Portugal.

This dedication is reflected in the country’s support for peace, the preservation of human rights, and diplomatic initiatives.

Bahrain’s commitment to promoting dialogue and understanding, safeguarding fundamental rights, and addressing the root causes of tension and conflict underpins this stance.

Looking ahead, the delegation acknowledged the critical need to address environmental stewardship, climate change, energy dynamics, and artificial intelligence, cementing a reputation of forward-thinking initiatives in tackling contemporary challenges and shaping a sustainable future.

The delegation also pledged to enhance the national legislative corpus and provide robust support to the executive arm, highlighting the importance of a strong legislative framework in supporting sustainable development and national aspirations and advancing its democratic principles.

Democratic progress

Shura Council member Leena Kassim and MP Hanan Fardan further elaborated on Bahrain’s democratic progress and the country’s engagement in addressing modern challenges.

Kassim emphasised the ongoing advancement of the national legislative system and its support for governmental endeavours, while MP Fardan highlighted the importance of addressing societal dialogues, human rights in the digital age, the secure application of artificial intelligence, and the global economy.

These efforts demonstrate Bahrain’s commitment to protecting individual rights and navigating the complexities of the modern world.