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Gender balance among Bahrain’s ‘national priorities’

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The Supreme Council for Women (SCW) is making strenuous efforts to continue the policies and plans to integrate women’s needs in the Kingdom’s development process. SCW Secretary-General Hala Al Ansari said it is supporting all national efforts aimed at enhancing Bahraini women’s participation in public life, including their family stability, and their access to decision-making positions.

“The advancement of Bahraini women is one of the main priorities of our society, and we are working to make gender balance a sustainable reality, Al Ansari said in an interview with the Oxford Business Group magazine.

She also indicated that Bahrain continues to refine its national experience to achieve gender balance, whose current results match the degree of empowerment of Bahraini women and the reality of their participation in the national economy.

She pointed out that the “National Gender Balance Report”, issued by the SCW every two years includes a method to measure gender balance indicators, noting that it is a mechanism that monitors the progress of women’s advancement in all key sectors at the national level, measures the effectiveness and impact of the national policies, legislation and plans aimed at increasing “Bahraini women’s competitiveness”, as well as measures the positive impact of that on development indicators, and compares the national indicators with international ones in order to stimulate the development of women’s contributions at all levels.