HRH the Premier delivers inspiring words to Bahrain’s people for their contributions to COVID-19 fight | THE DAILY TRIBUNE | KINGDOM OF BAHRAIN

HRH the Premier delivers inspiring words to Bahrain’s people for their contributions to COVID-19 fight

TDT | Manama

His Royal Highness the Prime Minister Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa delivered a message of love and gratitude yesterday to Bahraini citizens for their contributions to the battle against the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

HRH the Premier said that Bahrainis are heroes in the ongoing world war against COVID-19, as they contribute to all matters related to the interest and safety of the homeland and its people. “Medical and nursing staff work day and night, exposing themselves to danger every single minute for the sake of the citizens’ safety,” HRH the Prime Minister said. “The same sense of sacrifice and devotion is also strong among our sons and daughters in the Ministry of Interior, the media, the press, the Bahrain Defence Force, education, transport, communications, industry, trade and other official and national bodies.

“Together, they embody an impressive visualisation of our war against the coronavirus in order to prevent its spread. “To all of them, we express our love and appreciation.” HRH the Prime Minister called on everyone to shoulder their national responsibilities through commitment to government instructions on how to alleviate the burden on those facing the virus in their professions. “After my treatment trip abroad, during which Allah the Almighty blessed me with safety, health and well-being, I committed myself to the home quarantine measures for a period of two weeks, practising my work in managing government work and serving citizens from my residence,” HRH the Premier explained.

“Commitment to preventive measures is a must for everyone to eliminate the pandemic peacefully for Bahrain and the entire world.” HRH the Prime Minister stressed that the COVID-19 pandemic is a plight and a test for mankind, scientific and medical progress and economic development, as well as for the peoples’ mettle, awareness and education. He affirmed that Bahrainis have proven to the whole world that true and successful investment is in the human element, something that the government of Bahrain had recognised from the beginning. It proves today the soundness of its policy, as reflected in Bahrainis’ success stories in medicine, security and media.

“Yes, we have proven to everyone that our development is not mere slogans, and our humanity is not just words, but rather part of the upbringing and mindset of this people,” HRH the Prime Minister said. “Indeed, Bahrainis have inherited altruism, giving, sacrifice and love for the homeland, thus everyone should be proud of belonging to this land, the home of this great people.”