Keeping it clean

TDT | Manama

Supermarkets have been urged to follow hygiene and safety standards of the highest levels, including providing hand sanitisers and e-shopping services to help in the fight against coronavirus. The Ministry of Health and Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism have issued guidelines to supermarkets and shoppers for fighting coronavirus.

While queuing, shoppers are advised to keep a one-meter distance between each other. Customers are also encouraged to make use of e-shopping services. Supermarkets are recommended to take body temperatures of employees at the start and end of each shift.

They have also been required to organise the store in an easily accessible manner for essential goods. For stores limited in space, customers must wait outside. Store workers should clean every shopping cart or basket after each use, and supermarkets must have hand sanitisers at entrances and exits as well as several other locations.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health also issued several guidelines for barbershops and beauty salons to help prevent infection amongst their staff and customers. Barbershop and salon staff members are required to wash, clean and disinfect their hands before and after providing a service to a customer.

They must also maintain good personal hygiene and wear a protective mask and gloves during work. Staff members have also been instructed to not serve customers with flu symptoms, and infected staff must stay home as per their doctor’s instructions.

Furthermore, the cleaning and sterilisation of tools and surfaces must be done after each use, clean towels and aprons are to be provided for customers, and the barbershop or salon must keep a good level of general hygiene and ventilation.