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‘Piller rotary UPS essential to boosting business continuity’

The owner of Abraaj Al Marfaa / Harbour Towers and Bawabati Al Marfaa / Harbour Gate Financial Centre Development Company B.S.C.(c) has recently completed a major overhaul of its Tier 3 rotary UPS system by German supplier Piller.

The rotary UPS system provides a short to medium term bridge in power supply in the event of an unexpected main power failure for all types of power supply configurations. The rotary UPS is activated when there is an unexpected power cut to provide a supply of electricity until the main power is resumed or the backup generators comes online.

“This provision enables our Tenants to continue operating their business without interruption and forms part of their disaster recovery plans. The loss of data due to a power outage could be severely detrimental to a number of data hungry businesses such as Bahrain Bourse; AFS; MOICT; KCB; GFH; Thomson Reuters; ICAP as well as to the operation of the building,” the company said in a statement issued.

Harbour Towers and Harbour Gate can provide data hungry businesses like FinTech firms and Banks with readymade solutions that can ensure their businesses run without unexpected interruptions. “For this reason, we have in place a rotary UPS system and back-up generators that provide an uninterrupted power supply in case of an outage.

The Piller rotary UPS serves as a power source to maintain critical equipment and data storage between the time a power failure takes place to the when the backup generator is activated. Major overhauls and replacements of parts for the rotary UPS take place periodically to secure its continued smooth operation and efficiency.

  “For our Tenants, this provides readymade redundancy without which business continuity could be compromised. We appreciate that consistent power and data connectivity are essential to most businesses. It is especially prevalent in businesses that operate within the fintech sphere where a fail proof power supply is not only important, it is necessary.

This is why we, at the Financial Centre Development Company B.S.C (c), believe the availability of the Piller rotary UPS system and back-up generators is a “must have” for our Tenants’ business continuity.” Abraaj Al Marfaa / Harbour Towers and Bawabati Al Marfaa / Harbour Gate are located within the Bahrain Financial Harbour masterplan which lies in the heart of Manama.

Abraaj Al Marfaa / Harbour Towers comprise of two 52 storey Grade A office buildings with an excess of 3,500 parking spaces for Tenant staff; as well as Bawabati Al Marfaa / Harbour Gate, a six storey commercial and retail space with over 300 visitor car spaces.