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Woman fined BD100 for damaging car

An Arab woman was fined BD100 by a Civilian Court for damaging her fiancé’s car using scissors following an altercation. The incidents leading to the case occurred when the couple went for a romantic dinner in Amwaj Islands in Muharraq Governorate. Court files say the couple entered into an altercation after reaching there, which resulted in the man leaving her in the car alone and walking away.

The woman, giving the man a shock, drove away. She, however, returned 20 minutes after, when the man called. The couple dropped their dinner plans and decided to drive back. The situation worsened when the woman refused to get down from the car after reaching home. Following a noisy fight, the women using scissors from her purse tore up the car’s interior and exterior, before walking away.

The man filed a complaint against the woman. Public prosecution following an interrogation referred to the case to a Civilian Court, which ordered the woman to pay a fine of BD100. The woman, however, decided to challenge the verdict in the High Court of Appeal, which would announce its verdict on May 20.