Capital Governorate hosts Iftar for 25,500 people | THE DAILY TRIBUNE | KINGDOM OF BAHRAIN

Capital Governorate hosts Iftar for 25,500 people

Sheikh Hisham bin Abdulrahman Al Khalifa, Governor of the Capital Governorate, is hosting Iftar for 850 expatriates for 30 days of Ramadan at the Manama Souq. To celebrate the holy month of Ramadan and strengthen the relationship between the individuals and the Capital governorate for the 30 days of Ramadan, 850 meals will be distributed to individuals during Iftar, where fast-breaking meals will be distributed throughout the month to more than thousands of people during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

Sheikh Hisham, Capital Governor told tribune, “We are very proud of the initiative wherein the span of 30 days we would provide food aid to 25,500 individuals at the Manama Souq. The Bahraini community is proud of the values of kindness and solidarity stemming from the teachings of the religion and is celebrating the customs and traditions of the people of Bahrain in the holy month of Ramadan.”

The daily food distribution to 850 individuals is held in the presence of Shaikh Isa bin Ali Al Khalifa, Director of Social Programs and Community Affairs Department and a number of officials in the province. “We believe that the Kingdom of Bahrain attributes great importance to the development of culture and human philanthropy as well as holds a priority to provide assistance to those in need,” Shaikh Hisham said.

“Lastly, the Capital Governorate along with the help of stakeholders will continue to provide humanitarian aid and provide all the support required for the development on the Capital and its people.”