Witnesses testimonies awaited in drug dealer’s murder case | THE DAILY TRIBUNE | KINGDOM OF BAHRAIN

Witnesses testimonies awaited in drug dealer’s murder case

The First High Criminal Court yesterday adjourned the case of two brothers accused of murdering a drug dealer to March 20 this year to review witness testimonies. The court also ordered to keep the brothers behind bars pending further procedures. According to court files, the brothers killed a 50-year old man and abandoned his body in Gudaibiya area in the Capital after stealing his belongings.

The body was identified by the dead man’s brother. The defendants, police said, were accustomed to attacking and robbing drug-dealers, taking advantage of the fact that they won’t be reporting the incidents to police. The two brothers contacted the victim and lured him into an abandoned house, where they attacked him and stole his money.

The brothers said that they were doing so to repossess the money they paid for the drugs. They, however, denied murdering the man, claiming that he had died of drug overdose. Public Prosecution accused them in 2018 of premeditated murder. The prosecution viewed that the suspects’ intentions were deliberate. The prosecution also accused them of beating the victim and causing him the injuries described in the coroner’s report.