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Spreading false news on Yemen Op: Trial adjourned

The Supreme Appeals Court yesterday adjourned the appeal hearing of the general secretary of a political society, convicted of spreading false news about the ongoing Saudi-led military operation in Yemen until March 3. 

National Democratic Assembly (Al Wahdawi) secretary general Fadhel Abbas was sentenced to five years behind bars after he was found guilty of spreading false news and promoting a propaganda that could damage the war effort, questioning Bahrain’s political stance on war and defaming other countries taking part in the Saudi-led air strikes against Houthi rebels.  

The coalition countries launched air strikes against Houthi rebels in Yemen in March after Shia militias sought to topple the Yemeni government led by President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi.

Abbas allegedly described the joint operation in Yemen as an ‘invasion’ and an ‘act of aggression’ on social media networks on March 26. 

He was arrested the following day. However, he  pleaded not guilty earlier. 

His lawyer Abdullah Al Shamlawi earlier argued that his client did not breach the law, claiming Bahrain’s Constitution backed him up.

Abbas’ deputy in the society, Mohammed Al Motawa, is also standing trial in connection with spreading false news about the same military operation.