Housemaid gets jail for robbing gold
, Posted on 13-Aug-2017

Housemaid gets jail for robbing gold

ManamaThe Second Higher Criminal Court has upheld the six-months imprisonment awarded to a housemaid for stealing gold worth BD2,400 from her sponsor’s house.

Court files showed that the woman worked for the family in Bahrain for 17 years and received a monthly salary of BD110. She stole the gold ornaments, sold it in the market and sent the money home to her family.

The 55-year-old woman confessed to her crime during interrogation and told the investigators that she saw the gold underneath a table in the house while cleaning the room. The ornaments included earrings, a necklace, a ring and bracelets.

She asked the family’s driver to take her to the market, without informing him about the pricey discovery or her intentions. She paid the driver BD20 for his services. The woman sold the gold for BD1,000 and immediately wired the money to her family.

She hoped for a reduced sentence by filing an appeal, but the judges upheld the verdict and ordered to jail her for six months.

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