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Putin opponent Navalny freed after 30 days in jail

Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny was released yesterday after serving 30 days in jail for planning opposition protests, which have grown into a movement that has shaken Moscow since last month. Police were present outside the prison on his release but made no move to re-arrest him, as they have when other opposition figures were freed recently.

But he has continued to urge his supporters to take to the streets, which could lead authorities to detain him once again. Navalny emerged from jail smiling, wearing a sweatshirt and sports trousers and with a bag slung over his shoulder. The opposition leader and anti-corruption campaigner immediately condemned “acts of terror” by Russian authorities in putting down protests in Moscow in recent weeks.

“The movement will continue to grow and the regime will strongly regret what it has done,” he told journalists. Navalny was arrested in Moscow on July 24 as he left his home to go jogging and buy flowers for his wife’s birthday. The 43-year-old Yale-educated lawyer was sentenced to 30 days in jail for violating laws on the organisation of demonstrations. During his incarceration, he was treated in hospital for what doctors called a “severe allergic reaction”, while Navalny said he might have been “poisoned”.