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GCC endorses Bahrain’s ethical framework for AI

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The Public Representatives and Prosecutors of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries have endorsed an ethical framework for artificial intelligence (AI), spearheaded by the Public Prosecution of Bahrain.

This framework outlines the values and principles to guide member states’ AI endeavors. Dr. Ali Al-Buainain, the Attorney General, has issued Resolution No. 13 of 2024, mandating the integration of this AI Ethics Document into the operations of the Public Prosecutions across the GCC.

This resolution ensures that AI applications adhere to the ethical standards outlined in the document. Aligned with the ongoing digital transformation, the Bahraini Public Prosecution proposed the creation of a document encapsulating principles for ethical AI usage within Public Prosecution tasks.

The proposal aims to gradually integrate AI and its techniques into judicial processes, ensuring outcome integrity and compliance with local and international rights and freedoms. The AI ethics document comprises 19 legal articles and highlights eight core principles.

These principles emphasize the need for justice and fairness in AI deployment, oversight of AI-generated decisions and verdicts, and transparency in decision-making processes.

Clear communication

The document advocates for clear communication regarding AI decision-making, infusion of human values into AI systems to uphold the rule of law and human rights, and stringent security and confidentiality measures for data.

It also calls for ongoing system evaluation and development, considering energy efficiency and sustainable usage, while balancing privacy, individual rights, and innovation. Previously, the Public Prosecutor established a team dedicated to integrating AI into Public Prosecution operations.

Led by Mr. Mohammed AlZubari and vice-chaired by Ms. Noura Al-Mualla, the team includes Public Prosecution members and IT experts.

Best practices

Their mandate involves assessing local and global AI advancements, determining best practices for AI in judicial and administrative functions, and organizing training through conferences and programs.

A significant outcome of this team’s efforts is the drafting of the AI ethics document, serving as a foundational guideline for AI application development. This initiative led Bahrain’s Public Prosecution to present the document as a directive for the GCC countries.