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Bahrain MPs tell private sector to Work Less, Earn More

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Reported by Mahir Haneef

The Council of Representatives yesterday passed the proposal for more benefits for private sector employees in Bahrain, including a two-day weekly leave. During the discussions held yesterday, the council witnessed a wave of support for the proposed amendments to the Private Sector Employment Law, promising significant improvements for employees’ rights and benefits.

MP Jalal Kadhem Hasan spearheaded the initiative, highlighting crucial areas like additional pay for tasks beyond job descriptions and ensuring informed consent for healthcare provisions.

Concerns regarding extended working hours and insufficient rest days were echoed by MP Mamdooh Abbas Al Saleh, who advocated for aligning private sector practices with government standards by granting two-day weekly leave.

He emphasized the potential positive impact on productivity, motivation, and unemployment reduction. MP Ali Majed AlNoaimi commended the integration of Economic Vision 2050 into the legislative efforts, emphasizing the need for permanent allowances for Bahraini citizens in private sector employment.

He viewed these amendments as crucial for encouraging Bahraini participation and solidifying Bahrain’s position as a top choice for workers. MP Hasan Ebrahim Hasan, a champion for women’s empowerment, expressed support for bridging the gap between the public and private sectors.

He proposed allowances for private sector employees required to work on weekends, ensuring fairness, and urged employers to prioritize hiring Bahrainis for mutual benefits. MP Mahmood Merza Fardan focused on bridging the gap between public and private sector benefits, highlighting the need to incentivize Bahraini youth to enter the private sector.

He called for amendments to ensure parity between employees in different sectors, citing existing disparities. These proposed amendments, backed by various organizations and praised by fellow MPs, aim to enhance job security, rights, and opportunities for private sector employees in Bahrain.

The final decision on the proposal holds the potential to significantly shape the working environment and empower the workers in the Kingdom’s private sector.