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Palette for Peace

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Reported by Zainab Zaman

The Bahrain Trust Foundation, along with artists Safeya Ali Kanoo and Hala bint Mohammed Jaber Al-Ansari, hosted an art exhibition titled "Portraits of Bahraini Women" to mark Bahrain Women's Day.

The exhibition, held at the Safeya Ali Kanoo Hub for Arts in Manama, featured acrylic paintings, wooden carvings, and mixed-media portraits of Bahraini women celebrating their heritage and culture.

The common theme was showcasing multiple Bahraini women in a painting, with several women standing together in traditional Bahraini clothing. Safeya's message for Bahraini Women's Day is for females to unite and lift each other when they see their potential. Kanoo started drawing at 26 and discovered her talent when a friend pointed it out.

“I used to draw on pieces of scrap paper. I would have my drawings laying on the ground. I didn’t know I was an artist until one of my closest friends pointed out how special my drawings were,” Kanoo said.

She explained how art is very similar to therapy for the mind and soul, while many artists got the chance to express why they created their artwork to several attendees. As the artists showcased their work, Kanoo explained how their pieces reflected their state of mind when creating their masterpieces, as she saw how each artist felt while admiring the drawings during the event.

“If I see a painting that resonates with me, it also inspires me through my mind, and my mood instantly changes. If you are happy, you will enjoy looking at a drawing, and the same goes for when you are sad,” she added. "If you are upset and you start drawing, you can sense your pain fading away,” Kanoo said.

Isa Mubarak, one of the artists at the exhibition, said his drawing is inspired by how Bahraini women were represented in the past and how they are perceived now. The painting was a depiction of Bahraini women of colour. Mubarak’s painting featured purple, blue, and pink colours, which represented beauty and strength.

“My painting shows the generational gap between how Bahraini women used to look in the past and how the newer generation is shown to the world,” Mubarak said. Mubarak hopes his drawing inspires women to follow their dreams and achieve whatever they desire. Mrs. Kanoo hopes that the artists find the passion for art through their drawings.

"The artist shouldn’t be focused on whether their paintings will sell; the most important thing is to find peace through art and showcase any emotion they want to the world,” Kanoo said. For anyone hoping to get a closer look at the artwork, be prepared for a traditional and modern portrayal of Bahraini women through the lenses of Bahraini artists.


Bahraini artists showcased their work during the " Portraits of Bahraini Women" exhibition held at Safeya Ali Kanoo Hub


Wooden carved artwork to represent “ Bahraini Women’s Day”


Portraits of bahraini women in traditional clothing for the " Portraits of Bahraini Women" art exhibition


Isa Mubarak's painting showcases Bahraini women in the past & future through his artwork.