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Bahrain support for regional security and stability praised

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US Ambassador to Bahrain, His Excellency Steven C. Bondy, has lauded the major role played by the Kingdom of Bahrain in supporting efforts to achieve regional security and stability. Speaking on the sidelines of his participation in the 19th Manama Dialogue, the premier regional security summit, Ambassador Bondy highlighted the role of the forum in covering a wide range of topics and issues, adding that he is looking forward to the 20th edition.

On the importance of the Manama Dialogue, he said: “If you look around the region and see all of the challenges that are going on, you can definitely see that this dialogue is needed now more than ever. It’s incredible to me that Bahrain has established itself as a principal stop over the course of the year for serious policy individuals to come from around the world to discuss the most cutting-edge issues.”

“The conflict that we are seeing now in Gaza reinforces the ultimate importance of the Manama Dialogue,” he said.


He noted that it was much better to be talking about the issues than for people to be engaging in an armed conflict.

“We have a certain number of priorities that we are working through, first and foremost is the release of the hostages, and secondly, the swift delivery of humanitarian assistance,” he said. He added: “Of course, we do not want the conflict to spread in any way. But also what we are looking to do is to set the conditions so that, in the future, the Israelis and Palestinians can live side by side in peace and security for the benefit of both their nations.”

Boosting relationship

On the Bahrain-US relations, Ambassador Bondy said that the two countries had recently signed the Comprehensive Security Integration and Prosperity Agreement (C-SIPA), which provides a platform for the two nations to enhance their already strong relations, noting that agreement adds a new momentum to boost bilateral relationship.

He indicated that the Bahraini and American sides are currently organising themselves in order to identify priority projects on which they will focus for implementation. He said that there are three basic elements of the agreement, which are defence and security, trade, investment and commercial relations.