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Tailors in Bahrain stop taking orders as Eid approaches

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Report by Zahra Ayaz

Several tailors in Bahrain have reportedly stopped taking orders as Eid Al Adha approaches due to their excessive workload, long hours, and pressure to complete orders.

Customers continued to place additional orders until the last few days, and numerous tailors reported getting twice as many orders as normal.

Furthermore, several tailors are not accepting new orders due to a staff shortage.

Every year, the tailors labour tirelessly to collect orders and provide apparel in time for the festival, with consumers asking for a wide range of items. Sajid Khan, a tailor, disclosed that the stitching prices had been hiked owing to the extra labour necessary during the busy season.

"Our business has always been good. This is the only time we make a profit compared to other months." Meanwhile, customers who had put off their wardrobe plans were turned down by a few tailors because they were already booked. "Last week, I went to a nearby tailor shop to give the clothes that I brought from Pakistan for stitching, but the tailor didn’t take them and said we have stopped taking them because we have many orders," said resident Shabana Ahmed.

"There are many tailoring shops in Manama that I approached, but they all had the same response. I’ll have to choose from my wardrobe and wear an old one if I can’t locate another tailor."

Another resident, Maryam Janahi, added, "I had the same problem last Eid, which is why I was very quick to give my clothes for stitching for this Eid; however, it’s unfair that the tailors increase their prices and that during such a festive season we have to spend a lot for stitching.

While we often pay BD5 to BD6 for a full dress on other days, we must pay BD8 to BD9 during Eid, depending on the type of fabric and embroidery used."