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Bahraini Farmers' Market ready to meet Ramadan rush

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Organisers of the Bahraini Farmers' market have assured that they are ready to meet the increased demand for vegetables during the holy month of Ramadan.

The market, held by the Ministry of Municipalities and Agriculture in partnership with the National Initiative for the Development of the Agricultural Sector, has continued to enjoy a surge in visitors.


According to Jaafar Muhammad Hassan Abdelnabi, a farmer at the market, they have ample quantities of vegetables to meet the needs of customers during Ramadan.


He added that demand during this time is mostly for tomatoes and peppers, but they have enough stock to fulfil the rush.


Farmers at the market said they are expecting citizens and residents to purchase more vegetables, especially with the various offers available at the market in Budaiya.

Abdul Mahdi Ahmed Issa, another farmer at the market, also confirmed that there is sufficient availability of vegetables to meet the increasing demand during Ramadan.

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