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Support front-liners call

TDT | Manama

Doctors on the frontlines draw their strength and dedication from God first, along with the support and assistance of the Bahraini community, Bahrain Medical Society (BMS) president Dr Ghada Al Qassim has said. “The solidarity of our society acts as the ultimate driving force that supports doctors in their fight against COVID-19; which in turn, contributes to the swift return of normal life,” Dr Al Qassim explained.

“One could not stress enough on the importance of following the national guidelines set by the Bahraini authorities. This without a doubt is a national duty that falls on each member of this respected society.” She added: “Support shouldn’t be simply theoretical or through slogans in the media, but should be driven by a sense of responsibility for the safety of the whole community.

“Not only that, but such support should be reflected in ones’ commitment to follow all precautionary measures set by the National Taskforce for Combatting the Coronavirus, aiming to prevent the transmission and spread of the disease.”

In light of this, BMS expressed its strong approval of all actions and precautionary measures implemented by the COVID-19 taskforce, specifically those in regards to religious gatherings and occasions. “On behalf of all BMS board members, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for Team Bahrain, which has ensured that the country leads the race in fighting this deadly pandemic, following the highest standards set by World Health Organisation.”

Dr Al Qassim went on to explain that the pandemic has already lasted for a long time and comes with implications and challenges to all sectors within the community. Yet, there still remains hope, especially with the recent development of clinical trials for an inactivated vaccine.

“It is crucial to continue imposing precautionary measures to fight the virus, and work hand in hand with the general public to prevent gatherings, be it for religious or social purposes,” she said. “This is an imperative step to ensure that the efforts and sacrifices doctors and medics have made since the beginning of the crisis are not simply wasted.”

Bahrain has witnessed many incidents of the virus’ outbreaks during family gatherings and other similar occasions, in which one person transmits the infection to dozens of people, leading to a vast increase in death cases. Dr Al Qassim underlined that such situations could be prevented if the general public abides by all governmental guidelines.

She went on to commend the contributions of NGOs, government organisations, companies, and banking and commercial sectors in showing full commitment to precautionary measures. The BMS president noted that Bahrain’s COVID-19 efforts fully comply with WHO requirements and have received international appraisal and recognition from many countries, and that these accomplishments must not be underestimated. “It is crucial to do all that is possible to prevent such situations from occurring in the Kingdom, and we can only do this with your everlasting support.”