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Green light for projects

The Cabinet chaired by Deputy Prime Minister, His Highness Shaikh Mohammed bin Mubarak Al Khalifa reviewed the programmes, plans and projects to be implemented by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism to honour the government’s commitments outlined in its action plan for the years 2019-2022, and classified under “priorities and various policies and initiatives”. The session endorsed the 35 development projects aimed at expanding the base of the economy, facilitating procedures, attracting investments and improving the business environment, and requested the Industry Ministry to begin implementing them.

They include mainly the issuance of the Commercial Registers System (SIJILAT), the issuance of a package of legislation that enhances the role of the private sector as the main engine of growth, allocating government-subsidised industrial lots to entrepreneurs that support priority economic sectors, implementing a national tourism strategy, establishing an exhibition city, issuing supportive edicts to achieve operational procedures such as allowing commercial activities through virtual outlets, regulating the activities of catering services delivered by mobile vehicles, marketing the Bahrain International Investment Park globally and linking Bahrain to regional and international markets.

Among other things, the Cabinet lauded the keynote speech delivered by His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa while opening the second session of the Fifth Legislative Term of the Shura and Representatives councils, noting that it was comprehensive, tackled the current and future development requirements and included an in-depth analysis of the regional and international situation and developments.

The session commended the directives and forward-looking visions embedded in the Royal address in determining the future requirements of the civilisational progress in line with the on-going scientific and technical advancement, ensuring food security, achieving self-sufficiency, developing the environmental and climate situation, and protecting the pillars of the state of rule of law.

The Cabinet affirmed that the directives and initiatives ordered by HM King Hamad represent a roadmap for the government to meet the aspirations of the citizens and the future needs of Bahrain, adding that the government will implement them according to specific action plans.