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Throwing surprise, Google Doodle celebrates falafel

One of the Middle East’s favorite dishes has been featured in a Google Doodle as the site apparently took a break from the Women’s World Cup.

Google had been running a series of doodles about the major sporting event, but yesterday – apparently randomly - focused on what the search giant described as the “best thing that ever happened to chickpeas.”

“We don’t know why they chose Tuesday to run the Doodle – June 12 having been International Falafel Day.  

“But the Middle East’s claim to these mouthwatering balls of chickpeas, onions, herbs, and spices is undeniable.” It is believed falafels originated in Egypt, where they were called ta’ameya and made of fava beans, about a thousand years ago, by Coptic Christians who ate them during lent as a meat substitute.

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