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Meet the man with ‘5 faces’

Among the many exciting roaming acts at the Bahrain Grand Prix, this year is an intriguing set of robots who are literally roaming around with it being hard to actually point out which one is real. 

The act ‘Space Ci Man’ is spearheaded by artist ‘Martin Forget’, a French-Canadian who has been performing with his robot set for two years but it took him more than that to actually create every single mask in absolute precision to his own face dimensions and expression.  

In a conversation with DT News, he informed how with the help of another artist and designer friend, he made 5 masks using silicone. “Silicon masks are extremely high-quality wearable masks made from state-of-the-art silicone and designed to conform to your own face,” he said.  


Unlike foam latex or slip latex masks, the masks look and behave like real flesh and muscle. “Each mask is hand-crafted individually with a meticulous eye for detail. The sculpting and colouring are created to add ultra-high realism to each handcrafted mask and it took me more than an hour in the chair every day for two years to create five of these masks with my exact expression.” 

The whole suit with aluminium legs and hands weighs 20kilos; however, Martin is used to carrying it around and loves to perform in front of an interested audience. “So far people in Bahrain have been very curious and take selfies and get intrigued to touch the masks, even touching my own face in the process!”

The Space Ci Man act will continue today at the F1 Village Vending Area till 6 pm.