Suicide: Family suspect unfair treatment at work
, Posted on 13-Jan-2018

Suicide: Family suspect unfair treatment at work

Manama : The family of Vibin Baburaj, who reportedly committed suicide on Wednesday, said there are inconsistencies surrounding his death. 

A relative of the deceased, who lives in UAE, told DT News over the phone: “We believe there must have been a work-related issue that must have been bothering him.”

“From the bits of information we have from him, we believe he must have been treated unfairly,” he said.

The family has decided to approach the Indian Embassy here to request help on this matter. 

“He was in the process of finding a new job, but his death comes abruptly,” the relative said adding: “He never showed any signs of being

“His brother informed me that he was unhappy with his job and wanted to quit.” 

Baburaj, according to the relative, has informed family members about the arguments he had with his boss and work pressure. 

The “only thing he was unhappy about was his job,” the relative said adding: “This might have pushed him towards depression.”

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