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‘Age is no obstacle’ - Egyptian swimmer still a champion at 76

Several times when Africans cross the age of 65 they tend to stay less active intentionally so as not to weaken their bones further but Nagwa Yousef Ghorab, a 76-year-old Egyptian swimmer doesnt believe in that idea. Nagwa is stretching science as she still participates in international competitions. She has been swimming since aged 4, only to win her first medal in an international contest at the age of 72.

Today at 76, Ghorab still routinely puts on her swimming suit and trains five times a week. “I am 76 years old – This is no obstacle. I am proving to you and to everyone that age is not an obstacle if you have the will. If you do not have positivity in life, then you will be a broken human being without a doubt.”

she said In 2014, she participated in her first international competition in Canada, winning two medals, followed by two bronze medals in 2015 in Russia, aged 73. Her swimming coach Haytham Sabry described her as a woman who has “the heart of a 20-year-old”. “She swims for her heart. She swims for her perseverance and determination. She has the heart of a 20-year-old. She has determination in freezing cold or in hot weather.

She still shows up every day to train. There is no championship that she does not wish to participate in. She has the perseverance, determination and heart of the youth.” The 76 year old icon shows no signs of stopping soon and craves to be a source of national inspiration for other sports women. Ghorab, also does painting when she is not flapping and spinning.