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Bahrain launches ‘Single Interview in Child Sexual Assault Cases’ project

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Bahrain took a significant step forward in child protection with the unveiling of the groundbreaking ‘Single Interview in Child Sexual Assault Cases’ project.

Attorney-General Dr. Ali bin Fadhl Al Buainain proudly introduced the first-of-its-kind initiative in the region.

The project aims to revolutionise the investigation process, prioritising the psychological well-being of children by standardising criminal procedures during questioning.

The launch ceremony, attended by UK Ambassador Alastair Long, marked a collaborative effort to address the critical issue of child sexual assault.

Dr. Al Buainain emphasised the project’s positive impact on children’s mental health, as it unifies criminal procedures for both victims and defendants in such cases.

Aligned with national standards, the project establishes a legal and social framework focused on safeguarding children’s rights, preserving their dignity, and upholding their psychological and moral integrity.


Dr. Al Buainain commended the dedicated efforts of the project team and expressed optimism about the positive outcomes expected from its implementation in judicial proceedings.

The British Ambassador lauded the project’s significance in protecting children’s rights, praising the visionary leadership of the Attorney General and the continuous efforts of the Public Prosecution in this vital area.

The collaboration between the Public Prosecution and the British Embassy played a crucial role in transferring the UK’s experience to Bahrain.

The development of the project involved a committee, including members from the Public Prosecution, Judiciary, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Justice, Islamic Affairs and Endowments, Legislation and Legal Opinion Commission, and the Child Protection Centre at the Ministry of Social Development.

The committee worked closely with criminal justice expert Paula Jack from the UK-based NICO Foundation.


Following its formation, the committee submitted recommendations to the Attorney General, shaping the framework of the “Single Interview in Child Sexual Assault Cases” project. In preparation for the project’s implementation, the Public Prosecution conducted a comprehensive training program on child questioning mechanisms.

The programme reached 869 participants from various authorities, including the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, and the Child Protection Centre.