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Bahrain, Gulf states sound alarm on Israel's Gaza ground ops

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Arab Gulf states yesterday warned Israel against further ground operations in the Gaza Strip, with Saudi Arabia denouncing land incursions as "unjustified" and Oman condemning possible "war crimes".

The six-member Gulf Coopmilitary escalation in Gaza as a "violation of international law," urging an immediate end to hostilities.

Bahrain’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned and denounced the escalation of the war, noting its serious repercussions on exacerbating the catastrophic humanitarian situation and threat to the lives of innocent Palestinians, especially children and women.

The war, the Kingdom said, is clear violations of the rules of international humanitarian law and resolutions of international legitimacy.

The Ministry urges the international community to assume its humanitarian responsibilities, calling for the establishment of truce, ensuring full and uninterrupted humanitarian assistance, including water, food, medical supplies, fuel and electricity.

The statement stronglhy rejects any attempts at forced displacement of the population, and preventing further destabilization and escalation of violence in the region.

Saudi Arabia "condemns and denounces any ground operations carried out by Israel due to the threat they pose to the lives of Palestinian civilians", the kingdom's foreign ministry said in a statement.

It cautioned against "the danger of continuing to carry outthese blatant and unjustified violations ofinternational law against the brotherly Palestinian people", warning of "serious repercussions for the stability of the region".

Qatar's Foreign Minister Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani said on X, formerly Twitter, that an "Israeli ground escalation would have dire consequences for civilians and devastating humanitarian and economic impacts." Oman on Saturday accused Israel of committing "war crimes" in Gaza and warned against any further ground manuevers.

The escalation in Israel's "brutal war on the Gaza Strip constitutes war crimes and crimes against humanity," said a foreign ministry statement. Kuwait charged that "any ground invasion of Gaza... will prove that the Israeli occupation is determined to continue committing crimes against the brotherly Palestinian people", according to a statement.