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Bahrain among ‘happiest’ Arab states during pandemic

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The UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain were the happiest Arab countries from 2020 to 2022, according to the World Happiness Report, which was published yesterday.

The report, titled “World Happiness, Trust and Social Connections in Times of Crisis,” surveyed respondents from around the world for the three years spanning the COVID-19 pandemic.

It measured well-being through three main indicators: life evaluations, positive emotions, and negative emotions. Happiness rankings were based on a three-year average of life evaluations.

Out of the 137 countries measured, the top three Arab countries were the UAE at 26, Saudi Arabia at 30 and Bahrain at 42. The three Gulf states were the only Arab countries out of the 13 listed that were in the top third of the global list.

Lebanon, suffering from economic malaise and a political crisis, was the unhappiest Arab state and second-last out of the 137 countries measured in the study.