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They called her a ‘bad role model’, but she stood up and now inspires other Bahraini women

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Sajida Saeed Tabbara, a retired linguistics professor from Bahrain, faced criticism when she first started riding a motorbike in 2008. Some said she was a bad role model for girls.

However, her children and students stood up for her, inspiring her to continue pursuing her passion for biking. “It was very difficult for me as a woman, it was tough because people passed a lot of judgements,” she was quoted as saying by Reuters.

Standing next to her red Softail Deluxe Harley Davidson, she said, “But the most wonderful thing was that my kids, my own students, stood up for me and said ‘how dare you say something like this about her!”

The retired linguistics professor, who was dressed in leathers, displaying her biking badges, believes that change is difficult for any society, particularly when it comes to women. “Change is difficult for everybody, change is difficult for any society and in any community, particularly when it comes to women,” she said.

“I remember riding as a pillion when I was just eight years old. My father, who was a school headmaster at the time was so angry with the person who gave me a ride he nearly dismissed him from school!

“During my career as a Professor, I decided one day that I had to go after my dreams.” “I actually talked a number of my female students into becoming bikers and they did. Yeah, that was quite something.”

Tabbara’s story shows that breaking stereotypes and challenging societal norms can be difficult but also rewarding. She serves as a role model for women who want to pursue their passions, regardless of what others may think. Her determination and commitment to her love for biking prove that anyone can achieve their dreams with hard work and perseverance.