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Wanna save water? These students will help you!

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Overuse of freshwater in household settings means there is less freshwater for agricultural use. The only way out of this scenario is to balance water demand and water resources.

But that needs changing and moderating the pattern of demand.

Above all, there is a need to minimise water losses enhance usage efficiency substantially.

But is there a way to do that effectively?

“Yes,” says Fatima Hussein, Fatima Taha, Fatima Abdel-Jalil, Zainab Adel and Fatima Salman of Karana Primary School for Girls.

They had designed an electronic device to do the job and determine the level of water consumption in buildings. Meaning, the system will tell you if there is a leak or other losses.

“This will reduce bills, maintain the quality of building and support the state’s efforts to rationalise water consumption,” the developers said.

Two phases

The students realised the project in two phases. First, they prepared an online questionnaire for 110 students.

Based on that data, they created a device that helps raise awareness of water consumption, rationalisation among children, domestic workers, the elderly and others.

The device, students say, was realised with the help of an engineer in the field of electricity and water.

Three lamps

The device has three lamps connected to electronic meters and is calibrated based on the assumption that each person uses 100 litres of water per day.

Students say the device will shine green if the water usage is within the permissible level.

It will shift to yellow when water usage breaches the level.

Lighting up the Red lamp means that a person had exceeded the set level by a large margin. The device is also programmed to send alerts to the phone of the building’s owner on water used and the possibility of a leak in the water network using a digital programme.

“We are sure this device is effective in monitoring the daily volume of water consumption and reducing it by educating family members,” the students added.

The students said they are looking forward to developing smart solutions to rationalise water consumption.

“It will greatly contribute to finding solutions to water problems in the world and attaining sustainable development goals.”