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Transform from users to creators of technology

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The Daily Tribune –

After two successful summer camps in the previous years, Laurels is back with a Special Online Summer Camp abiding by all coronavirus (COVID-19) protocols.

Dubbed “Creative Genius Season 3” - a summer camp with an integrated theme of Coding & AI learning - this year’s event is for students from grade 1 to grade 12 The Laurels Centre for Global Education, in association with Cyber Square, is conducting the instructor-led camp.

The camp begins on the 4th of July and ends on the 22nd of August. Camp time is limited to an hour per day to reduce the screen time of the students.

Students will receive assignments and programming tasks to use their logic and problem-solving skills. They will learn to create websites, games, animation videos, special Python programmes and AI projects during the camp.

Besides, special sessions on communication and presentation skills will help them to come out and market their creations to an audience.

Pitch your idea

Laurels will invite potential investors to listen to the startup ideas of the students and pitch for investment. Successful students will receive UK certification from ORAY limited UK.

“Coding is the language in which human communicates with machines. New generation kids need to learn the basics of coding.

We consider this camp as a launchpad for budding programmers and coders,” said Abdul Jaleel Abdulla, the CEO of Laurels. The CEO added: “Many students who have completed our coding courses have shown great results in their academic and entrepreneurship skills.

We also have coding courses for adults and beginners who have no previous experience in IT.” “We are in search of smart kids and happy to facilitate a platform for them to grow.

“Since coding is one of the hot topics for the academic years to come, we have chosen Coding Session as the primary programme in the Summer Camp as this will enable students to divert their screen time to creativity and learning,” Abdulla said. Interested students and parents may call/Whatsapp 36458340 to register and get more details.

The deadline for registration is 28th June.