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Bahrain Ministry achieves 7.9 million working hours without accidents or injuries!

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The Daily Tribune –

The Ministry of Works, Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning has accomplished about 7.9 million working hours without accidents or injuries in a number of strategic road projects that have recently been completed or are about to be completed.

The Ministry pays great attention to health and safety requirements in the implementation of infrastructure projects in various regions of the Kingdom.

To determine the extent to which safety requirements are adhered to in the implementation of road projects, indicators have been developed to measure performance, including the number of working hours without accidents or injuries at project implementation sites. About 2,363,755 working hours were recorded without accidents in the Shaikh Zayed Road development project.

The road construction project leading to Al Lawzi housing achieved about 374,170 working hours without accidents, while the South Bahrain Ring project achieved 1,562,494 working hours without injuries in its first and second phases.

The implementation of the second package of the Muharraq Forth Bridge project recorded 945,480 working hours without any injuries, in addition to the first phase of the construction of the South Bahrain Ring Road, which took 228,280 hours of work without injuries. The Saar Intersection project recorded 1,853,580 hours without accidents, and the Malik Hamad Street development project registered 574,680 hours without accidents.

This reveals the advanced level of safety awareness in the work environment of the teams working on the implementation of these strategic projects.

Among the procedures followed in order to achieve safety in road projects, the Ministry requests the contractors, before starting project work, to submit a plan for occupational and environmental health and safety at the worksite.

To prevent accidents, this plan is presented to specialists in the Health and Safety Department to study and make any comments regarding the plan.

In the interest of safety requirements, contractors are required to appoint a number of specialists and safety officials at the site.

They are evaluated by attending a number of safety and health courses prepared by the concerned department of the Ministry. To confirm their competencies, a test is done for them.

A site safety officer is not allowed to work without passing the test. The department concerned with safety at the Ministry carries out regular inspection visits to various worksites to ensure that the working contractors follow safety procedures.