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Police registers 10,866 cases for not wearing face masks

TDT | Manama

Bahraini authorities have registered 10,866 cases against those failing to wear face masks in public settings since the implementation of COVID-19 preventive measures began. Of the total cases, 2,989 were recorded in Muharraq Governorate, 2,643 in Northern Governorate, 2,096 in Capital Governorate and 1,808 in Southern Governorate Police Directorate.

Besides, the Operations Department headed by General Security recorded 1246 violations, and General Administration of Ports Security recorded 84 violations related to non-usage of face masks. Brigadier General Dr Sheikh Hamad bin Muhammad Al Khalifa, Assistant Chief of Public Security for Operations and Training Affairs, said the Interior Ministry is pressing on with awareness campaigns in various governorates to educate public on the need to follow COVID-19 protocols including wearing masks and maintaining social distancing in public places and shops.

He also warned strict measures against any such violations in this regard. In addition to wearing face masks, other health guidelines, including continuous hand washing and social distancing, are equally important.

“It is important to wear face masks properly to curb the spread of the virus, as most of the people are currently wearing it under their nose.” Police personnel are currently educating the public on the correct way of wearing a mask in various languages to help spread the information among foreign workers and communities. The Assistant Chief hailed the active participation of women police personnel in enhancing awareness among female citizens and residents. 

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