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Capital Police arrest two for robbery attempt

TDT | Manama

Two individuals have been arrested while attempting to steal the contents of cars in parking lots in the Capital Governorate, the Interior Ministry has announced. The Ministry said yesterday that the Capital Governorate Police director-general reported the incident. He noted that a police patrol suspected the men while they were trying to open the door of a car with tools.

After searching them, some stolen items were found, including pills that were suspected to be narcotics, which were confiscated. Legal proceedings have been taken against the pair, said the director general. Meanwhile, two other individuals have been arrested for forced robbery after stealing a wallet from a man, the Interior Ministry also announced yesterday.

The Criminal Investigation and Forensic Science director-general reported the incident. He said that the directorate had received a case from the victim, in which he highlighted that while walking in Karana, two men approached him and took his wallet after threatening him with a knife. The director-general added that an investigation into the case led to identifying and arresting the criminals. Legal proceedings are being taken to refer the case to the Public Prosecution.