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Nurse attacker charged with ‘attempted robbery’


An Asian man, who was arrested for brutally attacking a nurse in Salmaniya area in the Capital, confessed that he was attempting to rob her, as mentioned in his statement during the probe launched by the Public Prosecution.

The 29-year-old is now facing the charges of attempted robbery, while investigation in the case continue, a statement issued on Saturday by Capital Governorate Prosecution Chief Prosecution Mohammed Salah confirmed.

“After receiving a report from the General Directorate of Criminal Investigation and Forensic Science about an Asian man who assaulted a nurse on the public road and attempted to rob her, the Public Prosecution began investigating the report. 

"The accused was arrested, interrogated and confronted with the findings of the investigations and the footage circulating on social media sites,” Mr Salah said.

According to the Chief Prosecutor, the suspect confessed to the accusations raised against him and he informed the interrogators that he was trying to steal the 33-year-old victim’s bag, adding that his attempt went in vain after she resisted and cried out to passersby for help.

As reported on Tribune last week, the incident took place on Tuesday night while the victim, an Asian nurse working at Salmaniya Medical Complex, was walking home after finishing her shift at the hospital.

Footage of a security camera installed in a shop located near the crime scene showed how the suspect stalked the woman as she walked, then suddenly attacking from the back and bringing her to the floor, where he continued punching her before running away from the spot. 

The footage went viral on social media networks, raising nationwide condemnation of the “cowardly” act and demands to bring the man to justice.

A statement issued by the Interior Ministry on Thursday mentioned that co-operation between the Capital Police Directorate and the General Directorate of Criminal Investigation and Forensic Science in the Ministry resulted in the identification and arrest of the suspect.

Mr Salah added in his statement on Saturday that the Public Prosecution is continuing its procedures in order to refer the case to the concerned criminal court. 

No further information was available.  

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