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Develop specialised scientific media: AGU official

A top Arabian Gulf University (AGU) has called upon states to develop specialised scientific media to help spread the culture of science and knowledge.

“This will have a significant impact on building the next generations basing on science and knowledge, which will contribute to the development of their nations,” said Media Director at the Arabian Gulf University (AGU), Dr Abdullah Al Turaif.

Al Turaif was speaking during a lecture on “The Role of Media in Building Scientific and Technical Culture in the Society” organised by the King Fahad Bin Abdulaziz Academic Chair for Medical Biotechnology in AGU.

Developed countries, he said, had already realised this and have initiated various programmes in addition to science curricula to wipe out science illiteracy among citizens.

Further, Dr Al Turaif called upon scientists and academics to make use of the opportunities provided by the social media platforms to publish their scientific and technical materials.