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Bahrain gears up for National Day

Ahead of Bahrain’s National Day celebrated each year on 16 December, festivities have started gathering pace all over the Kingdom.  Several unique initiatives have been undertaken to make the National Day celebrations vibrant and p r o m o t e t h e r i c h c u l t u r a l persist of t h e country. 

Bahrain’s National Day coincide with the day that former ruler Isa bin Salman Al Khalifa ascended to the throne in 1961. The celebration marks the Kingdom gaining independence from the British rule and the signing of a friendship treaty that ended the previous agreement between the two sides. The move also follows a referendum in which “the overwhelming majority of the people of Bahrain wished to gain recognition of their identity in a fully independent and sovereign State free to decide for itself its relations with other States,” according to the Personal Representative of the Secretary-General on the consultation.

Celebrations include fireworks displays, cultural shows, contests, exhibitions and much more. As in the previous years, Bahrain International Circuit (BIC) has announced a slew of activities both on and off the track.

Maximum Thrills at BIC Set to be a major part of the family entertainment from December 13 to 16 are the extreme acts. They include a High Dive Group, a Pirate Show, the Stannage International Stunt Team and the dynamic duo of Terry Grant and Lee Bowers.  The National Day celebrations will feature four straight days of fun and enjoyment, while it will also include some racing action in the FIA WEC Bapco 8 Hours of Bahrain, which will be open to the public on December 13 and 14.

Tickets are just BD1 per person per day. They can be purchased at the gate, online at BIC’s official website, by calling the BIC Hotline on +973- 17450000 or at the BIC stand at City Centre Bahrain.

High Dive Group will deliver an electrifying, nerve-wracking, jaw-dropping and mind-blowing act for all seasons. Not only will they be diving from high platforms while twisting, turning, and tumbling into the water, they will be doing it two, three, and four at a time. But they will use flames, hula hoops and hi-jinks to give the audience a thrill and excitement like never before seen.

Pirate Show The fantastic world of fearless Pirates packed with action and adventure is an experience one can never forget. This Columbian and South African team of Pirates joined together to showcase their amazing acrobatic skills with a smooth mesmerising story of good and bad. Pirates of the Colombian Caribbean Aerial High Wire Thrill Show is a never-ending battle of the treasure map. This takes place suspended on a thin wire cable 30 feet in the air over the top of a huge pirate ship. Stannage International Stunt Team Stannage International Stunt Team was established i n 2 0 0 0 a n d they have travelled worldwide and performed incredible stunts. Team leader Mark Stannage started his professional career in 1984 at the tender age of 14. Now, with over 30 years’ experience specialising in car, motorbike, fire and highfall stunts, he performs some of the most spectacular stunts ever seen on film or TV.

Terry Grant and Lee Bowers International stunt driver and multiple world record holder Terry Grant was born to drive. Terry is devoted to bringing great stunt-driving and motorsport to crowds throughout the world. His accolades include the highest loop-the-loop in a car, the fastest two-wheel mile and the furthest barrel roll jump.

Besides, Lee Bowers is the UK’s premier professional stunt-rider. Touring all over the world, his control of his bike performing high and low-speed manoeuvres continue to impress crowds wherever he goes. Lee’s signature aerobatics and an extensive list of tricks are guaranteed to turn any event into one to be remembered.