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Relief for expat leading a roofless life

Suleiman to return to India tomorrow
An Asian man who led his life on the terrace of a building in Manama, upon having lost his job, his place of residence, and his passport, is traveling home to India, tomorrow, after having arrived in Bahrain 10 years ago.
4PM News, a sister paper of The Daily Tribune, first published the story, garnering the interest of other media and social service organizations in Bahrain.
Bahrain's branch of KMCC took the initiative to make his return journey possible. He received immigration clearance after the travel ban imposed on him and the fine for not holding a valid visa was lifted yesterday.
The Immigration Directorate worked with the Indian Embassy of Bahrain to expedite the process. 
Mr.Suleiman is still facing financial distress and requests help from capable hands. 
To help, please contact Suleiman (+973 36451199) or Badushah (+973 33311919).