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Bahraini teenager found dead in pool

ManamaA Bahraini teenager was found dead in a swimming pool in the Southern Governorate in the wee hours of Tuesday.

According to Interior Ministry, the 16-year-old boy was found dead in a swimming pool near Askar village in the southeastern parts of the island.

However, the ministry didn’t reveal the exact reason of the boy’s death. It concluded in a statement by saying “the concerned authorities are following necessary procedures.”

The deceased has been identified as Salman Abdulla, who hails from Ma’ameer village in the Capital Governorate.

Social media pages that publish the village’s news reported that Abdulla was laid to rest in Shaikh Sahlan Graveyard in the neighbouring Eker village yesterday morning.

The teenager’s relatives announced that condolences could be offered at Fatima Al Zahraa Maatam (community and religious centre) in Ma’meer for men and at Al Aqeela Maatam in the same village for women.

As reported earlier, a 45-year-old Bahraini mother of three children died near a swimming pool in Buri village in the Northern Governorate on September 5. Safiya Ibrahim, who hails from the nearby Aali village, died due to a cardiac arrest while she was outside the water, announced the Interior Ministry. 

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