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Tamkeen Tightens Oversight of Support Programmes, Cracks Down on Violations

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The Labour Fund (Tamkeen) has significantly increased its efforts to ensure the proper use of its support programmes, with a six-fold rise in inspection visits for institutions involved in employment and career development initiatives. This enhanced scrutiny aims to guarantee that support reaches its intended recipients and is applied effectively.

Tamkeen has also set up a direct communication channel with programme beneficiaries and developed a mechanism with the Ministry of Labour to be promptly informed of any cases of unfair dismissal. This proactive approach ensures that workers' rights are protected and that any misuse of support funds is swiftly addressed.

Tamkeen has stressed its intention to apply appropriate penalties for any breaches of programme terms and conditions. These penalties may include the recovery of support amounts or the exclusion of employers from further programme benefits. Additionally, Tamkeen is actively verifying the employment status of wage subsidy programme beneficiaries through direct questionnaires.

During the first half of 2024, Tamkeen conducted 2,341 inspection visits, uncovering various violations such as fictitious recruitment, deception, and document forgery within individual support programmes. The necessary corrective actions were taken, and several cases were referred to the relevant authorities for further investigation and potential legal action.

Maha Mofeez, CEO of Tamkeen, reiterated the organisation's efforts to strengthen its monitoring and inspection processes. She emphasised the importance of close collaboration with government agencies to address potential transgressions and violations, reflecting the spirit of shared responsibility and collective action within Team Bahrain.

Tamkeen continues to encourage both beneficiaries and non-beneficiaries to report any illegal practices or violations through the dedicated hotline (17383383) or the email address (report@tamkeen.bh).