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By-election Expected in September to Replace Disqualified MP

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Following the court's decision today to nullify the membership of MP Mohammed Al Hussaini, parliamentary sources have indicated that a by-election will be held in early September to choose a replacement.

The court ruling, delivered by Judge Shaikh Khalid bin Ali Al Khalifa, declared Al-Hussaini's membership in the first constituency of Muharraq invalid.

According to Article 209 of the House of Representatives' internal regulations, "If the membership of a member ends due to death, resignation, or the loss of membership, the Speaker of the House shall announce the vacancy in the constituency in the same session in which the death of the member was announced or in which the termination of his membership was decided, and shall notify the Minister of Justice and Islamic Affairs of the vacancy within a week of the date of such announcement in the House to take the necessary measures to elect a replacement."

Article 29 of the Law on the Councils of Shura and Representatives states, "If a vacancy occurs for any reason during the six months preceding the end of the legislative term of the Council, no by-election shall be held to fill the vacancy. If the seat of a member of the House of Representatives becomes vacant before the end of his term of membership, for any reason, a by-election shall be held to elect a replacement within two months of the date of the Council's announcement of this vacancy."

The by-election is expected to take place within the next two months, as per the legal framework. The upcoming election will see voters in the first constituency of Muharraq choose a new representative to fill the vacant seat.

It's worth noting that the First Constituency has consistently been one of the most competitive electoral districts in Muharraq. The 2022 parliamentary elections saw a heated race that ultimately led to a second round between Al Husseini and Dr. Essam Al Alawi.

In the initial round, 13 independent candidates contested the seat, marking the first time that candidates from political societies did not participate in the race. This was a significant shift from previous elections, where the constituency was a stronghold for the Al Asalah Society, with former MP Adel Al Maawada holding the seat for three legislative terms.

Political observers anticipate a flurry of early campaigning and a surge in candidate announcements in the coming weeks.